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A Cake On Life is my own personal blog written and edited by myself. Any opinions I share within my posts are solely my own and are not endorsed by any other company. Any views or opinions are never intended to discredit any ethnic group, religion, company or individual.

I am not a professional but I do hold a City and Guilds sugarcraft qualification. I am not a business and do not sell anything on my site. This site is intended for information and enjoyment purposes only. I only receive money through clickable Google AdSense advertisements placed on my page and through affiliate links direct to products on Amazon.

I am not liable for any loss, damage or injury through the use of the information provided throughout this site. This site represents my experiences from design to creation. I hereby recognise others may have differing experiences and their opinions are their own, just as this site is mine.

For any questions about anything related to my blog please contact me through the contact me page.

Please feel free to use the share buttons located throughout this site. Proper recognition of the shared items must be given to myself or this site. Any use or sharing of pictures from this blog must contain the watermark. Do not cut or remove the watermark.

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All ideas and tutorials appearing within this site are the work of myself as the original author, unless clearly stated otherwise.

The only downloadable content on this site are templates made by myself for your convenience. The right click option is disabled for all pictures. I have all security measures in place to protect any visitor to this site. Any malicious content found on any persons computer is through no fault of myself or this site. I accept no liability to a loss of information.

The purpose of A Cake On Life’s Privacy Policy is to inform you what personal information of yours may be collected and how it may be used. A Cake On Life will always respect your privacy and will be committed to protecting it.

I am not a business. I only respond to comments left on a post or by email from the contact page. The only subscription I offer is to receive email notifications of new posts. Only your name and email is visible to me through my newsletter plug in. I will not share your information with any third party. There is no ‘user’ section to log in to. All other data collected is by third parties for cookies and analytic purposes.

Your devices location data is collected by Google Analytics for reference purposes only. This consists of your country and region and is displayed to only me in Google Analytics. I do not share this information with anyone else.

At present I am a member of the Amazon Associate Programme and an affiliate to The Cake Decorating Co. These are affiliate programmes that allow me to earn a small commission on products bought by you when following the relevant links on my pages. This comes at no extra cost to you, but allows me to purchase further ingredients and necessary items to keep this site up and running. Any privacy policy from there on is governed by Amazon and The Cake Decorating Co themselves. Here are links to their Privacy Policies – Amazon and The Cake Decorating Co. I do not sell anything directly to you, only provide the links to products I use and may recommend myself.

I run adverts on my site via Google AdSense. Here is a link to their privacy policy.

A Cake On Life is an affiliate for Cake Craft TV. I earn a small commission for every subscription made via my link. This is a no extra cost to you, but again allows me to keep creating my blog. Any privacy policy from there on is governed by Cake Craft TV. Here is a link to their privacy policy.

Collected and Voluntarily Submitted Information


When using this website a log will be created with some of your information using cookies.

Cookies come in two forms

1. Persistent cookies which are saved on your browser until you delete them yourself.

2. Session cookies which delete when you close your browser.

When you visit the website, some information is automatically collected by my analytics and cookie plugins.

This information includes the browser you are using to view the website on, your IP address, how you came to the website, what pages you viewed, the dates and time you viewed and so on. This information is helpful, as it allows me to create more of a relevant website. Furthermore, this information, also also helps me to learn what is wanted by my visitors.

If you leave a comment or use the contact form, your information is stored to enable you to not have to repeatedly fill out the relevant sections, should you wish to comment or contact me again. I can only see your name and email to respond to and nothing more.

Information collected can be used in any of these ways:

1) Respond to any comments or contact form enquiries.

2) To provide reader guidance if required.

3) To maintain the website.

4) To operate the website to a more efficient and relevant standard.

How Third Parties Use the Information

This website currently uses the following third-party service providers:

Google Analytics – This service tracks website usage and provides information on most pages visited and other actions on the website. This will allow me to provide a better website and create more desired content. Google Analytics may capture your IP address and device location. No other personal information is captured.

Cookie Notice – Complies with the EU GDPR cookie law and CCPA regulations. The cookies are used to store preferences or other information that the visitor sends. Cookies may also be used by third-party services, such as Google Analytics.

Cookies can be deleted or they can permanently refused through your own browser settings. An acceptance of the use of cookies is placed in a banner when first visiting this website.

If readers deactivate the setting of cookies, not all functions of the website may be entirely usable.

I may use third party service providers to maintain parts of the website. Any third-party service provider that has use of your personal information will do so under their own privacy policies.

Except when required by law, I will not sell or disseminate your email address or other personal information.

Anonymous data may be collected by other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses of their own. This only includes analytics or information collected from cookies when visiting this website. This data is governed by the third parties own privacy policies and is not stored by me.


If you leave a comment, certain information may be publicly visible. A Cake on Life will never disclose email addresses.

If you wish for me to delete any comments or information held, please request to do so via my contact page.

Please do not submit any personal contact details, discriminatory comments or political opinions.

I will moderate and review every comment before posting.

If you choose to link any social media or websites in the comments you do so under the link’s Privacy Policy. I accept no responsibility of any actions resulting from this.

I do not knowingly hold any details or respond to emails or comments from anyone under the age of 18.

If anyone believes there is correspondence with anyone under the age of 18 please, contact me so all communications and details can be removed and deleted immediately.

Thank you for reading A Cake On Life’s Privacy Policy. Lastly please feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to this.

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