Hi! I’m Vicki, a self taught cake maker and mum of two. Thanks for taking time to read my blog.

A Cake On Life is my little corner of the world where I write about all my caking adventures! The aim of this blog is to provide ideas and tutorials of all levels, so both beginner and the more experienced cake makers can all take something from it. I know many people start cake decorating when they have children, wanting to make those special birthday cakes for their little ones! So if that’s you, I hope my blog proves a great starting point. I have a particular passion for making sugar models and cake toppers. This blog is full of many tutorials showing you how to make some of my favourites! Finally, if you love cake decorating with your children or creating fun kid friendly treats, then I’ve got you covered too!

A Little Bit About Me

My love for baking and cake decorating began well over over 10 years ago. My very first cake was of a pumpkin! It was Halloween and my niece wanted to enter a pumpkin competition. All of the shops were out of pumpkins, so I decided to try and make one with her out of cake! As a result, I was hooked! Eager to learn more, I soon enrolled on a City and Guilds Sugarcraft course.

As my hobby grew, I found that I particularly enjoyed the challenges of cake design and decorating. I love the challenge of designing a cake or sugar model and then figuring out how to create it! I guess design has always been part of me, as I was a theatre lighting designer for many years. Over time, my love for sugar modelling grew. I’ve lost count of the many hours I’ve spent listening to music while making a sugar model.

hedgehog, mouse and squirrel sugar model

I’m mum to two beautiful girls. My oldest is 9 years old. She’s funny, clever and has the most infectious smile. My 6 year old amazes me every day with her brilliance and sassiness. I’m sure one day, she will take over the world!! I am so proud of them both. I’m also lucky to have the love and support of my husband. He is the budding photographer behind most of the the photos on here!

My girls love getting messy baking and cake decorating in the kitchen! It’s such a lovely way to create special memories and is a great time for them to get creative. I have a Kids Cake Craft section on here, where we share our favourite caking activities. I also share our favourite family recipes on our family bakes page.

So there you have it! I’m a mum, with a passion for cake decorating. A hobby that I have nurtured over time and that I like to share. I hope you find some inspiration here. I am not a business and all my cakes are made entirely for family and friends, or even just for fun! I am not here to sell my cakes. My galleries are only to show you the endless cake making possibilities, and to hopefully offer you some inspiration to make your own!

Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog. Don’t forget to check out my cake topper tutorials before you go!

See you in the kitchen!!

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