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Animal Crossing Birthday Cake Idea

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Last Updated on 13th August 2021 by Vicki

Hi everyone, presenting my daughter’s Animal Crossing themed birthday cake! It’s been a crazy week here what with the tail end of Christmas, my daughter’s 6th birthday and the beginning of homeschooling. I hope you all had a great Christmas and are keeping safe and well!

So this is just a quick post keeping you updated about my most recent cake adventure! My daughter wanted her Animal Crossing character and house for her birthday cake this year. Here’s a little insight into how I made it!

The house is made from three 6 inch square madeira cakes. I sliced the cakes in half so I had six layers in total, each about an inch thick. Three layers were used for the house and three layers for the roof. Once the first three layers were stacked and filled with vanilla buttercream, I carved them into the shape of the house. I then crumb coated the cake and covered it with fondant. Next, I stacked the last 3 layers using buttercream and then carved them into the shape of the roof. After crumb coating I covered the roof with fondant. I then left both cakes to dry overnight.

The next day I assembled the cake using dowels for support. I did this as I knew I would be using a lot of fondant decoration on the roof, therefore making it very heavy and I didn’t want the layers underneath to start to crush under the weight. Doweling the cake also made it much easier to cut and serve!

To make the wooden texture on the roof, I used my tree bark impression mat by FMM. It’s really easy to use. I just rolled out the purple fondant, placed the impression mat on top and then rolled over it with my rolling pin.

Butterflies and new Sweet Sticks Paint Palette!

I was very excited to use some of my Christmas presents while making this cake. In particular, I was very eager to try out my Sweet Sticks mini paint palette. I used them to paint the butterflies which you can see in the photos below. The paints are very easy to use. You add a tiny drop of water to the colour you want to use, wait a few seconds for the paint to activate and then you’re ready to go! These paints are great and I will definitely be getting some more colours!

I have made many butterflies over the years. I love making them as they make beautiful cake decorations and can be made to suit any colour theme. They are really simple to make, so I’ve decided to write a future post showing how I make them. Keep your eyes peeled!

I loved making this Animal Crossing cake! My daughter certainly enjoys setting me a challenge. I like to think the cake helped to make up for her lockdown birthday and the fact she couldn’t see any of her family and friends.

Post Update! I also now have a post showing how to make 6 Animal Crossing cupcake toppers. Click on the image below to visit!

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