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How To Make An Easter Bunny Rabbit Cake Topper

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Bunny Rabbit Sugar Model Cake Topper
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Hi everyone. Here’s my bunny rabbit cake topper tutorial, perfect for Easter! I hope you like him. As usual, I have included a list of all the items that I used in this tutorial at the bottom of the page. If you would like to go straight to the list click here.

It’s worth noting that you should make the body of the bunny rabbit the day before you plan to make the rest. This gives the body time to harden so it will be strong enough to take the weight of the head.

To help you gauge the size I have included weights of certain pieces. These weights are approximates and should only serve as a guide.

Bunny Rabbit Sugar Model Tutorial

I made the rabbit out of white Renshaw Flower and Modelling paste which I coloured grey by adding a tiny amount of PME Black Midnight Food Colouring Paste.

Body and Head

oval shaped grey modellng paste with a  candy cane in the middle.

Mould about 45g of grey modelling paste into an oval shape. This will be the bunny’s body. To add strength to your model place a candy stick through the middle. Leave enough length at the top to fit the head on. Leave the body overnight to harden.

Ball of grey modelling paste

Roll about 20g of grey modelling paste into a ball. This will be your bunny’s head.

Ball of grey modelling paste being shaped with a finger

Use your finger to create an indent across the top of the face.


Use the larger end of a ball tool to create indents for the eyes.

Glue a rolled up ball of white modelling paste in each eye. Flatten with the larger end of a ball tool.

Repeat the process again, but make smaller indents for the blue of the eyes. Making an even smaller indent, add tiny balls of black modelling paste for the pupils.

Create your bunny’s cheeks by moulding two small pieces of white modelling paste into a flat tear shape. Glue on the face just under the eyes. Shape with your fingers.

Glue a small oval shaped piece of white modelling paste in the middle. Use the leaf modelling tool to create a small indent up the centre.

Adding the pink nose and whiskers

Glue a small oval piece of pink modelling paste in the middle of the face for the nose. Use the scriber tool to create whisker dots in the cheeks.

Roll a small piece of grey modelling paste, making it thinner at the ends. Glue to the bottom of the face to create a chin. Smooth and secure with your fingers

Adding the mouth

Fill the mouth with black modelling paste. Shape the chin with your fingers.

Adding the head to the body

Glue the head onto the body, by sliding it onto the candy stick. TOP TIP- Use a spare candy sick to make a starter hole in the bottom of the head before placing it on the body.


Two pointed strips of grey modelling paste

Mould about 3g of grey modelling paste into an ear shape. Repeat for the other ear. Keep them quite thick as you will be inserting spaghetti through them.

Create indents for the inner ears with a bulbous tool. Glue tubes of pink modelling paste in the indents. Flatten and secure with the bulbous tool.

Insert a small piece of spaghetti through the ears. Use another piece of spaghetti to mark holes in the head where the ears will go. Slot the ears onto the head, secure with glue. Shape the ears with your fingers.


Take about 6g of grey modelling paste and mould into a sort of bone shape.

Next, roll one end to define the foot and then flatten the other end, which is the upper leg. Repeat for the other leg.

Attaching the legs

Glue the legs onto the model. Shape with your hands if necessary.

Arms and Tail

Roll about 2g of grey modelling paste into a tube and flatten one end. Repeat for the other arm. Glue on either side of the upper body. The thinner end goes at the top.

Adding detail to the arms and feet

Use the leaf modelling tool to create marks on the hands. Using the ball tool create indents on the feet for the pads. Glue small balls of pink modelling paste to the feet. Flatten and secure with the ball tool.

Adding the tail

Finally, glue a ball of white modelling paste onto the back of your bunny. This is the tail. Texture the tail if you like. I used my shell modelling tool to do this.

The bunny rabbit cake topper is now finished, but I like to add some quirky finishing touches. For extra fur, I rolled three small pieces of white modelling paste to a point and glued them between the ears. I also lightly dusted the cheeks with some edible pink dusting powder, using my dusting brush.

rabbit cake topper

I do hope that this bunny rabbit cake topper tutorial has inspired you to have a go at making your very own! Remember I have included a list for all the items in this tutorial at the bottom of the page.

That’s all for now! But you may also be interested in my Carrot Patch and Easter Chick cupcakes too. They make a really fun Easter treat!

Items Used In This Tutorial


  • Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste :
  • PME Black Midnight Food Colouring Paste :
  • Small amounts of white, black and pink modelling paste. Again these can be coloured with gel paste food colouring.
  • Sugarflair Pink Edible Dust :
  • Edible glue or vodka. Many people use edible glue or water, however, I mostly use vodka, unless I am working with my girls. It evaporates, so as long as you’re careful, it doesn’t leave any marks or make your work soggy, which glue and water can do. Just a tiny amount of either needed. I find it best to wipe the excess off your brush, using a kitchen towel, before applying it your model or cake.
  • Candy Stick for support. (I’ve included a link so you can see what these are, but you can usually get them in your local supermarket)
  • Uncooked spaghetti.


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Bunny Rabbit Sugar Model Cake Topper

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