My Cake Decorating Tools

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Welcome to my cake decorating tools page. I’ve included here some of my favourite and most useful cake decorating and modelling tools that I use.

Ball Tool

I use this tool a lot! It’s great at making indents for things such as eye sockets. It can also be used to soften the edges of petals.

Cake Decorating Company link to the ball tool :

Scallop And Comb Tool

The scallop part of this tool is great for marking smiles on faces, while the comb is good for embossing designs.

Cake Decorating Company link to the scallop and comb tool :

Knife And Scriber Tool

I would be lost without this tool. It’s great for cutting, but I love it for making marks and indents.

FMM Knife and Scriber Tool Amazon link :

Scriber Needle Modelling Tool

I use this tool to create small holes in my models or for decorative design. It is also used to scribe directly onto cakes. The finer one is also great for removing air bubbles from fondant.

Cake Decorating Company link to fine scriber tool :

Cake Decorating Company link to thick scriber tool :

Blade and Shell Modelling Tool

The blade end is great for marking or cutting. The shell end is great for embossing designs.

Cake Decorating Company link to the blade and shell modelling tool :

Food Graded Brushes

These are essential for using glue but also for painting on your cakes. It is good to have a variety of sizes.

Wilton food graded brushes Amazon link :

Non Stick Rolling Pin

Non stick rolling pin for fondant

PME non stick rolling pins for rolling out all types of sugarpaste. They come in a variety of sizes. I have a 6 inch for roiling out small amounts of icing and a 20 inch for when I am covering a cake.

The Cake Decorating Company links to the rolling pins I use are below

6 inch :

20 inch :

DIY Dusting Pouch

This is a little tip that I learnt a long time ago! If you are working on small sugar modelling projects then this little dusting pouch helps a lot! Cut a small square of cheesecloth or food grade muslin, about 20cm square. Place a spoonful of icing sugar or cornflour in the middle. I personally use cornflour as I find it dries out the icing and my hands less. Finally, draw up the corners and secure with string. This little dusting pouch, when tapped on your board, will let out a small dusting of powder. This helps to prevent your sugarpaste from sticking to the board while being rolled. The dusting pouch can then be placed in an air tight container ready for you to carry on with your project later.