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Christmas Cake Pops Idea

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Last Updated on 14th May 2022 by Vicki

6 Christmas pudding cake pops with faces.

Hi all, this weekend I had fun making these cheeky Christmas cake pops! They were so fun to make, deciding on what facial expressions to create. This post gives an insight into how I decorated the cake pops to look like Christmas puddings. These cake pops were covered in toffee flavoured Fun Cake Deco Melts.

After I coated the cake pops with the candy melts, I left them to set. When they were fully set, I began decorating them.

Christmas Pudding Topping

Cutting out shapes of white fondant

I cut out shapes in white fondant using my wavy edged cutter.

Shapes of white fondant

Using my fingers, I gently pulled out some of the edges to make them look more like drips.

Christmas pudding cake pop

I placed the fondant on top of the cake pop, making sure it was attached all the way round.

The Holly

Cutting holly shapes out of green fondant

To make the holly, I rolled out some green flower paste and used a holly plunger cutter to cut out the shapes.

Fondant holly

If you have time, you could place the holly on spoons and leave them to dry. They will then set in different positions so each one will look different on your cake pops.

Christmas cake pop

I used a little vodka to glue the holly onto the cake pop, and then stuck some tiny balls of red fondant in the middle for berries.

Christmas pudding cake pops

To make the faces, I played around using black, red and pink fondant. Rolling little balls for eyes and cheeks and tubes for the mouths. If the pieces didn’t stay on the cake pop, I used a little vodka to help it stick.

That’s it! An easy Christmas cake pops idea, that’s both fun and festive! I hope you enjoyed reading about how I made them. Below is a list of the items that I used to make them, including affiliate links.

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6 Christmas pudding cake pops with faces.

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