Christmas Themed Cake Toppers

Christmas Wreath Cupcake Toppers

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Two cupcakes decorated with Christmas Wreaths

Hi all, so today’s post shows how I made these Christmas wreath cupcake toppers. I absolutely loved making them! I’ve had the design idea for a while now and at last I have got round to trying them out! I’m really pleased with how they look. They make the perfect Christmas cupcake.

As with all my toppers, I mostly use vodka to stick them together, but you can also use edible glue. The wreath is mainly made up of holly leaves created with my mini holly cutter. I used two different shades of green modelling paste for the leaves, as I felt it gave the wreaths more definition. A list of the items I used can be found at the bottom of the page.

How To Make Christmas Wreath Cupcake Toppers

Roll out some green modelling paste into a tube shape and then form it into a circle. Stick the ends together.

Cut out your holly leaves using the holly plunger cutter. I cut all my leaves out in one go and covered them over with cling film to prevent them drying out.

Next, stick a holly leaf over the join on the wreath.

Slowly build up the wreath by sticking the leaves on it. It doesn’t matters how you arrange them or what colour order you use. The more random the better!

Keep sticking the leaves on until you can no longer see any of the green ring underneath.

Now, take three holly leaves and stick them on top of the wreath, placing them wide apart. Don’t wrap all the leaves around the wreath as you want them to stick out a bit. If you have time, you could make these holly leaves beforehand, so they can dry out before you attach them to the wreath. This way the leaves won’t droop.

Roll 9 tiny balls of red modelling paste and stick them in the centre of the holly leaves for berries.

The Bow

Cut out two short strips of red modelling paste and then cut out a V section from the end of each one.

Stick these red strips onto the bottom of the wreath in a V shape position as can be seen above. These are your ribbon tails.

Roll out a thin tube of red modelling paste.

Next, shape the tube as above to form one half of the bow. Repeat this process again for the other half.

Flatten the bow with your fingers and cut off the excess so they will fit together as can been seen above.

Christmas wreath cupcake topper

Stick the bow on top of the ribbon tails.

Christmas wreath cupcake topper

Cut out a tiny strip of red modelling paste and stick it over the middle of the bow, covering up the join.

Here’s a super quick video of me making my Christmas wreath cupcake toppers.

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The Finishing Touches

Christmas wreath cupcakes

To finish off the Christmas wreath use edible glue to decorate it with stars and sugar pearls. I picked these out of Dr Oetker’s Glamour and Sparkle Sprinkle Mix. Lastly spray the wreath with silver glitter to make it sparkle! You can also now adjust some of the holly leaves so they stick out a bit.

So that’s it! A simple Christmas themed cupcake topper that’s easy to make and looks really effective. I hope you enjoyed reading about how I made them. Below are links to the items that I used for this tutorial. To make the different greens, I simply mixed a together small amounts of the white and green modelling paste.

If you would like to take a look at another Christmas cupcake tutorial, I show how I made my cute penguin cupcake toppers here.

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Two cupcakes decorated with Christmas Wreaths

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