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Daisy Flower Cake Topper Tutorial

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Green iced cupcakes decorated with fondant daisies.
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Hello everyone, I hope you are all safe and well. I’ve put together this daisy flower cake topper tutorial for you all. Daisy cake toppers can also be known as sugar daisies or even gum paste daisies. They are surprisingly easy to make and look lovely placed on top of cakes. These edible cupcake toppers are perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays or even Spring themed cakes.

In this tutorial I show you how to use daisy plunger cutters. I love my daisy plunger cutter set, you have a variety of sizes and they are so easy to use. My foam flower pad is also a helpful tool while making sugar flowers, as it enables me to thin out and shape the petals without ripping the flower paste. I also leave the daisies to dry the the foam pad as it’s breathable. I have included a list of all the items that I used to make my daisies at the bottom of this page.

Daisy Flower Cake Topper Tutorial

This post contains a video of me making my daisy cupcake toppers as well as a full step by step written tutorial. I have included the video first.

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I hope you found the video tutorial useful. These flowers really are perfect for beginners. Read on for my step by step written tutorial explaining how to make them in more detail.

Daisy Cake Topper Written Tutorial

Flower paste rolled out thinly.

Roll out your white flower paste very thinly.

Flower paste daisy cake topper tutorial. Using the daisy cutter to cut out a daisy shape.

Use your daisy cutter to cut out your first shape.

Rolled out flower paste covered with cling film.

TOP TIP! As you are working on your petals your flower paste starts to dry out. To prevent this, cover it with some cling film.

Flower paste inside a daisy plunger cutter.

TOP TIP! Sometimes daisy cutters don’t give a clean cut on the petals. To clean them up, run a brush around the edges of the petals while it’s still in the plunger. Don’t worry if you push it further into the plunger, that actually helps to clean the edges of the petals.

Daisy shaped flower made out of flower paste.

Press the plunger down so the flower falls out. Don’t worry if there are still some rough edges, you can always gently remove these with your fingers once the flower paste has hardened.

Flower paste daisy being shaped with a ball tool.

With your flower on the foam pad, gently go around the edge of each petal with the ball tool. This thins the petals and curls them slightly.

Flower paste daisy being shaped with a toothpick.

Using a toothpick, gently press down the middle of each petal to create an indented line. Don’t worry about making marks in the centre of the flower as this with be covered up later.

Flower paste daisy being shaped with a ball tool.

Lastly, with you ball tool, press down gently in the centre of the daisy. This brings the petals up slightly. Now repeat all these steps for the second layer.

Flower paste daisy.

Brush a small amount of glue or vodka in the centre of one of your flowers and place the second flower on top. Make sure the petals underneath can be seen between the top petals. Secure with a ball tool.

The Finishing Touches

Flower paste daisy being shaped with toothpicks.

Using two toothpicks gently turn the edges of the top petals down slightly.

Adding the yellow centre to a flower paste daisy cake topper.

Using just a touch of glue, place a small ball of yellow sugarpaste in the middle of the daisy. Flatten with a ball tool.

Using a toothpick to add texture to the middle of a daisy cake topper.

Use a toothpick to texture the centre of your daisy. Gently ease the top petals downwards again if they’ve lifted slightly. Leave overnight for the flower paste to harden.

So that’s how I make my daisy cake toppers, they really do make lovely cake decorations. I really hope you found this tutorial useful. Read on to see how I’ve used these daisies on cupcakes.

In the images below you can see my daisy decorations on both a fondant and buttercream decorated cupcake. To make the pastel green shade I coloured both my white fondant and buttercream with Colour Splash Gel Paste in Pistachio. To decorate the fondant cupcake, I just rolled out my green fondant and cut out a circle big enough to cover the top of the cupcake. I then spread a little buttercream over the the top of the cupcake and placed the fondant on top. For the buttercream cupcake, I piped a rose swirl using a 2D piping nozzle. If you would like to see my buttercream rose swirl tutorial you can do so here.

fondant daisy on a pastel green fondant decorated cupcake
fondant daisy and pastel green buttercream decorated cupcake

The image below shows how I used my daisies cupcake toppers to make some pull apart daisy chain cupcakes. I have a post sharing how I made them. If you would like to take a look, then click here.

9 Daisy chain decorated cupcakes

List Of Items Used In This Cake Topper Tutorial

Below are a list of the items used in this tutorial, including affiliate links to some of them.

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Green iced cupcakes decorated with fondant daisies.

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