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Easy Ghost Cake Topper Tutorial

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Hello my lovelies, today I’m excited to share my super easy ghost cake topper tutorial! These ghost cake decorations are perfect for all sorts of Halloween themed treats, whether they be cupcakes, cake, traybakes or even cakesicles! If you’re a beginner cake decorator, then these Halloween cupcakes are for you! If this is your first time reading my blog, I have many cake topper and decorating tutorials to suit all skill levels. This is because I want my blog to be useful to everyone. Before heading to the video tutorial I want to talk you through the items I used to make these cupcake toppers. As usual, there is a list of all the items used at the bottom of the page.

What I Used To Make The Ghost Cake Toppers

So these ghosts are simply made from a star cutter! I was looking at a star cutter the other day and thought it bared a resemblance to a ghost. So out came my paste and star cutter and I played with turning it into a ghost. I am always trying to think of easy ways of using things that people may already own to create cake decorations.

Modelling Paste

In the video below you’ll notice that I use modelling paste to make the toppers. You can buy modelling paste ready made, but in this tutorial, I actually made my own white paste from ready to roll fondant (also called sugarpaste). I did this as the topper didn’t need to be as strong, it just needed to be tough enough to be moulded. So how do I make my own modelling paste? I add a little amount of CMC powder to my fondant. CMC powder is a great way to make your own modelling paste. I just add a little bit to my fondant and then knead it through. You feel it become firmer as you knead. This a much more economical way of making modelling paste, so I always have some CMC powder in the cupboard. One bottle lasts a long time. Personally, I don’t feel that the paste gets strong enough for more structured figures, but for simpler ones it’s fine and much much cheaper!

Black Disc

The black disc was made out of ready made modelling paste. This is because it needed it to be firm enough to balance on the buttercream. I cut it out the night before so it was firm enough to add the decorations without damaging the circle. If you don’t have black modelling paste, you could of course cover your cupcakes directly with black fondant and then decorate them from there.


The eyes are made from tiny black sugar pearls. You could also use tiny balls of black paste/fondant instead. I just find sugar pearls easier to use. They can be tricky to pick up, I find a dampened brush helps. When I say dampened, I mean very slightly damp! You just want it tacky enough so the sugar pearl will stick to the brush. If it’s too wet, then the black from the sugar pearl may bleed onto the fondant. I actually use clear alcohol for this, as well as using it as my glue. This is because it evaporates and doesn’t leave any marks on the fondant. I dip my brush into the alcohol and then wipe away the excess on a kitchen towel before using.

Glitter and Silver Stars

To add to the decoration, I also sprayed silver glitter on the black discs to make them look more like a night sky. I also stuck on some silver stars too. The stars are actually cake sprinkles that I took out of ready made up sets. You will most probably be able to find some in you local grocery shop. I stuck them on with clear alcohol.

How To Make A Ghost Cake Topper Video Tutorial

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So that’s how to make these ghost cake decorations! If you have different size star cutters why not play with the sizes and facial expressions. They can also be used to decorate Halloween themed cakes or traybakes. Want more Halloween cake topper ideas? Then click here for my other spooky tutorials!

Items Used To Make These Ghost Cake Decorations

I really hope you found my ghost cake topper tutorial useful. Below is a list of all the items that I used to make them. Some include affiliate links, where I earn a small commission if you purchase via them. This comes at no extra cost to you, but allows me to keep writing this blog. I only list items that I use myself and often can’t live without! Thanks so much for your support.

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