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Easy Sugar Rose Tutorial

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Pink Sugar Rose
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Hi everyone, in this post I’m sharing this easy sugar rose tutorial. The tutorial is perfect for beginners, as the rose is made with just one cutter. I used The Smaller Easiest Rose Cutter by FMM, which is currently reduced in The Cake Decorating Company’s spring sale! You can make different size roses, from small buds to full bloom. You can see the range of sizes that I made in the image below.

how to make a sugar rose

So the paste I used to make the roses is a mixture of 50% modelling paste and 50% sugarpaste (ready to roll fondant). This is the recommended paste that you use with the cutter. The modelling paste allows it to be firm enough to thin and shape the petals and will also help the rose set firm once dried. The sugarpaste prevents the paste from drying out so fast, allowing more time for modelling and shaping the flower. This is also prevents cracking.

I coloured the paste different shades of a kind of purple pink colour, using a food colouring gel. I used the same colour for all three shades and just increased the amount, so it gradually got darker. You really don’t need much for the lighter shade. I used the same colour so the rose would flow better.

I will leave a list at the bottom of the page of all the items used to make my sugar roses.

How To Make A Sugar Rose Video Tutorial

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So that’s how I made this quick and easy. I really hope that you found the tutorial useful.

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Items Used To Make My Sugar Rose


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Pink Sugar Rose

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