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Father’s Day Cake Design Idea

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Last Updated on 7th July 2022 by Vicki

Cake decorated to look like a Fab ice lolly.
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Hi everyone, in today’s post I’m sharing the Father’s Day cake that I made this year. This cake design came to me as I walking past a seafront café with a Fab lolly advert outside. I thought it would make a great cake for many occasions, as you can play with the word Fab to create your message. For example ‘Have A Fab Birthday’ or ‘Have A Fab Retirement’. The cake was fairly easy to make, so it’s perfect for beginners to cake making and decorating.

In the video tutorial below, I take you through the whole process of carving the cake through to covering it with sugarpaste/fondant and the final decorating touches. If you didn’t want to carve, you could just start with a rectangular shaped cake to begin with. If you haven’t carved a cake before, then this would be a good one to start with, as it’s an easy shape to achieve. I’ve always used madeira cake as it’s a firm sponge that carves easier. I also find that a chilled cake carves much easier than room temperature ones.

Take a look at the video below and see what you think. After the video I will talk you through all the edibles that I used to decorate it.

Father’s Day Cake Design Video Tutorial

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I really hope that you found my Father’s Day cake design idea useful. Carry on reading for more information on the edibles that I used to make it.

Edibles I Used To Make My Father’s Day Cake

I covered the cake with different coloured sugarpaste. Sugarpaste can also be called fondant and ready to roll icing. The white icing I used was The Sugar Paste. This is my favourite when it comes to covering cakes. Sometimes it can take a bit of kneading to get soft, but once it does, I find it covers cakes smoothly with no tears or elephant skin. The brown and red sugarpaste was by Renshaw in Dark Brown and Poppy Red.

Concentrated Food Colourings.

Lolly Pop Stick

The food colouring paste that I used for the lolly pop stick is definitely one of my favourite colours. It’s called Old Gold by PME. I love the versatility of this colour. A tiny bit gives you ivory and lots can give you a caramel tone.


I made the sprinkles from my white sugarpaste. The food colourings that I used to colour the sugarpaste were :

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