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Have Fun Making These Quirky Unicorn Cookies!

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6 fondant decorated unicorn cookies

Hi everyone! Hope you are all keeping safe. I’m so excited to share with you these unicorn cookies that the girls and I made, from an Easter egg cookie cutter! As you may already know, Little Miss Five is crazy about unicorns. Just about everything she owns is unicorn themed, with the odd rainbow thrown in too! Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that she wanted to make unicorn cookies. After rummaging through my cookie cutter collection, I wondered if I could use my Easter egg cutter to make unicorn cookies. After a little trial an error, I managed it.

For ease, the cookies are decorated solely with fondant (ready to roll icing). Little fingers find fondant easy to mould, to them it’s just like playdough! I was really pleased and proud of their unicorn cookies, and so were they, rightfully so!

To Make These Unicorn Cookies You Will Need

  • Easter egg shaped cookies. I use Nigella’s butter cut out cookie recipe. The cookies taste yummy and are great for keeping shape when baked. An added bonus is, the recipe makes a lot of dough so I usually put half in the freezer for another time.
  • A variety of coloured fondant, including white, pink, yellow and black. Any other colours are for the mane and will be up to your own design.
  • Edible glue (see note at the bottom of the page)
  • Something to help the fondant stick to the cookie. I used some leftover buttercream, but honey or jam could work too.
  • Open round icing nozzle (or something similar like a straw)
  • Tools for marking indents for the nostrils and mouth. I used my modelling tools, but am sure you will have something suitable in your kitchen, such as a wooden skewer. Just think of all the unique facial expressions you could make!!

What I love about these cookies is that each one is totally unique! They all have their own individual character, and you can make them as intricate or as simple as you like. They would be a great addition to any unicorn themed party, either as party favours or as a fun activity.

How To Make Unicorn Cookies

Firstly, spread a small amount of buttercream on the cookie for the sugarpaste to stick to. Next, roll out your white sugarpaste to about 5mm thick, and cut out your Easter egg shapes.

Cookie topped with white sugarpaste.

Place your sugarpaste shapes on top of the cookie. Smooth the edges if needed.

Now you need to make a hole for the horn and space for the ears. I used an icing nozzle for this but a straw or something similar would probably work too.

Ears and Horn

Cookie with white sugarpaste on top.  Parts are cut out of the sugarpaste for the horn and ears.

You should now have something like the above image. Smooth down the icing around the ear indents.

I used my small heart cutters to make the ears, but if you don’t have these you could just cut out triangles. Firstly, cut out two white hearts and then two smaller pink hearts. Use a little glue to stick the smaller pink hearts onto the white ones. For detail, you could pinch the bottom together slightly to create a small fold.

Using glue, stick the ears into the premade slots.

Ears are secured to the unicorn cookie.

Push gently with your fingers and the ears should stay upright. This is not essential, as they can both lay flat if this is too difficult to achieve.

Rolled piece of yellow sugarpaste made into a unicorn's horn.

Take a small piece of yellow icing and roll it into a cone. If you want to, you could gently add markings with a blunt tool.

The ears and horn are secured to the unicorn cookie.

Put some glue on the end of the unicorn’s horn and place into the premade slot. Secure with your fingers. Don’t worry if the horn falls back, as you can prop it up with the mane!


Rolled piece of pink sugarpaste to be part of the unicorn cookies mane.

Now your creativity can take flight! The girls liked this part as it was time to make their unicorns unique. Choose whatever colours you would like for the mane. Roll small pieces of coloured sugarpaste into tubes making one end thinner.

It’s a good idea to glue the first piece behind the horn to prop it up.

Now you can choose whatever hairstyle you would like to give your unicorn! Glue each strand as you go and shape with your fingers.


For the muzzle, we cut out an oval shaped piece of pink icing. Again, you could use a round cutter or just mould with your hands. Glue the muzzle to the bottom part of the unicorn and shape to how you would like it.

Gently add indents for the nostrils. The blunt end of a wooden skewer would do this.

Nostrils and mouth are marked on the pink muzzle of the unicorn

Another fun part for the girls was deciding what kind of mouth to add to their unicorn. It really added to the character.


Small pieces of black sugarpaste are placed on the unicorn's face for eyes.

For the eyes, simply roll two small pieces of black icing into oval or ball shapes and glue them onto the face.

Black sugarpaste is flattened for the eyes.

Flatten the eyes with your fingers.

Glue tiny pieces of white icing onto the the black icing and flatten with your fingers.

Each unicorn can look different with it’s own character. So many possibilities!

Decorated unicorn cookie
Decorated unicorn cookie

Decorated unicorn cookie

I was amazed at the time and concentration the girls took while creating their unicorn cookies. They really enjoyed making them and of course they enjoyed eating them too.

Excuse the skull and crossbones tattoo. We had a homeschooling pirate themed day during the week!

Take a look at their creations!

Miss Eight went for a pink coloured mane and a shocked facial expression!
Little Miss Five went for a rainbow mane (obviously) and a cheeky smile:)

I hope I’ve inspired you to give these unicorn cookies a go!

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6 fondant decorated unicorn cookies

NOTE : Many people use edible glue, however, I mostly use vodka, unless I am working with my girls. It evaporates, so as long as you’re careful, it doesn’t leave any marks, which glue can do. Just a tiny amount of either glue or vodka is needed. I find it best to wipe the excess off your brush, using a kitchen towel, before applying it your model or cake.

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