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How To Make A Homemade Piping Bag Out Of Greaseproof Paper

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Two piping bags made from greaseproof paper
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Many people have asked me over the years how to make a homemade piping bag and it’s so easy! All you need is greaseproof paper in the shape of a triangle. Greaseproof paper can also be known as baking paper or parchment paper. You want the size of the triangle to be at least 52cm by 38cm or you won’t fit much mixture inside it. They can be a bit fiddly to do at first, but trust me, after a bit of practice, you’ll be doing them in no time! I have included a video, as well as step by step images and instructions in this tutorial.

Video Showing How Make A Greaseproof Paper Piping Bag

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How To Make A Homemade Piping Bag Written Tutorial

Step 1

Lay your greaseproof paper out in front of with the point towards you.

Step 2

Pick up far right corner.

Step 3

Fold the corner towards the middle to make a cone shape.

Step 4

Repeat the previous step with the left corner.

Step 5

Pull tightly to ensure that you have a sharp point at the top.

Step 7

While holding the cone tight fold the 3 corners away from you inside the cone. Folding these inside should result in a perfect cone that will hold its shape alone.

Step 8

If you are going to use your piping bag without a tip, then simply snip a tiny piece off the pointed end to create a hole.

Step 9

If you are using a piping tip you will need to cut up a bit further. Just be careful not to make the hole too big or the tip will fall straight through or your icing with escape around the outside of the tip.

Step 10

I find it easier to put the cone in a glass before adding the piping tip, you can then add your icing too.

Et voila…

happy piping!!

So that’s how to make a piping bag from greaseproof paper. I hope that you found this tutorial helpful.

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Two piping bags made from greaseproof paper

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