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How To Make A Horse Sugar Model Cake Topper

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Two horse cake toppers

Hi all! Today’s post shows how to make a horse sugar model cake topper. I made the cake below for my daughter’s birthday! I can’t quite believe that she’s now in double figures. It’s so scary how quickly the years fly by!

Horse themed cake

I made the horses from Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste. For the tutorial below I coloured white modelling paste various shades of brown by using Sugarflair’s Dark Brown food colouring paste. You don’t need to use much. I use a toothpick to add the colour to the paste and then work it through, stopping when I get to my desired shade. I used vodka to stick my model together but you could also use an edible glue. l’ve included a list of all the items used in this tutorial at the bottom of the page. You will also find my YouTube VIDEO tutorial below the written one.

How To Make A Horse Sugar Model Cake Topper

The Horse’s Body

egg shaped brown modelling paste

Take a piece of modelling paste and form it into an egg shape.

Moulding brown modelling paste with hands

Use your fingers to gently tease out legs from the wider end.

Moulding brown modelling paste with hands

Use your finger tips to pinch the ends of the legs and make them slightly wider.

Shaping brown modelling paste with hands

Shape the neck by rolling the model between your fingers and hands.

Adding brown hooves to the horses body

Flatten two balls of darker modelling paste and stick on the end of the legs for hooves.

Making the horses arms

Shape two pieces of modelling paste into tubes. Make one end narrower and curve it slightly. Pinch out the other ends, just as you did with the legs.

Horses body with hooves

Stick the arms on either side of the body and then add hooves the same way as you did the legs.

adding spaghetti in the middle of the horse

Place a piece of dried spaghetti through the middle of the body. This will support the head.

How To Make The Horseshoes

I used grey modelling paste to make the horseshoes. I coloured some white modelling paste grey with a teeny tiny amount of PME Black Midnight food colouring paste.

Making a horse cake toppers body and horseshoes

Cut a strip of grey modelling paste and mould it into a curved shape. Check the size against a hoof and trim if necessary.

Making a horse cake toppers body and horseshoes

Use a #1 round piping tip to emboss circles on the horseshoe. Repeat to make three more horseshoes.

Making a horse cake toppers body and horseshoes

Stick these onto your model.

Leave your model to dry overnight. Letting the model set hard before you carry on will ensure that it can take the weight of the head. Read on to see how to make the horse’s head.

Making The Horses Head

Moulding brown modelling paste into a peanut shape

Form about 25g of modelling paste into a peanut shape.

Marking a smile on the face

Use the scallop end of a scallop and comb tool to mark a smile on the horse’s face.

Marking the nose with a ball tool

Next, use the small end of a ball tool to mark the nostrils.

Marking the eyes with a bone tool

Use a bone tool to mark the eyes.

Making the horse nose

Stick two small balls into the nostril holes and flatten the lower part with a ball tool.

Attaching The Head To The Body

Adding the horses head to the body

Stick the head on the body by sliding it onto the spaghetti. Make sure the spaghetti won’t protrude out of the top of the head before placing it on.

Adding whites for the eyes

Add two balls of white modelling paste in the eye sockets and secure with a ball too.

Adding brown to the eyes

Add two smaller balls of brown modelling paste on top of the white and secure with a ball tool.

adding black for the eyes

Premake some holes in the brown eyes with a ball tool and then stick two black draggees in them. (You could use black fondant or modelling paste too, but I find the dragees easier.)

Adding white for the eyes

Next, add two tiny balls of white modelling paste on the eyes as can be seen above.

Finishing Touches!

Adding the horses ears

Form two balls of modelling paste into flat triangles. Use a bone tool to help stick the ears to the head, making an indent at the same time.

Adding pink in the ears

Stick two balls of pink modelling paste into the premade holes and flatten with a bone tool.

Adding a tail

Form some darker modelling paste into a sausage shape and taper both end. Stick this onto the horse for the tail. Use the blade end of a knife and scriber tool to texture the tail.

Adding the horses mane

To make the mane, form pieces of modelling paste into tear shapes and stick them onto the horses head.

Again, use the knife tool to texture and shape the mane.

YouTube Video Tutorial

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Horse sugar model cake topper

The image above is by far my favourite horse! I like how the addition of eye lashes made it look more feminine. I also prefer the colour combination of the grey model and blue eyes.

So that’s how I made my horse sugar model cake toppers! I hope you liked the tutorial. If you’re interested in my other horse themed cake topper tutorials then click here.

Items Used In This Tutorial

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Two horse cake toppers

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