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How To Make A Sugar/Gumpaste Peony

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Last Updated on 19th September 2021 by Vicki

Three sugar peonies on a cake.

Hi everyone! In this post, I’m going to show you how to make a sugar/gumpaste peony. Earlier this year, I made my friend the peony cupcakes that you can see below. Peonies are her favourite flower and she was going to have them in her wedding bouquet. However, due to the wedding date being cancelled numerous times, they were not in season for her wedding. So I decided to make some sugar peonies for her birthday instead.

Sugar peony and Happy Birthday decorated cupcakes

After searching around for peony petal cutters, I decided to try The Easiest Peony Ever Cutter by FMM. The instructions were very easy to follow and after a little practice, I was really pleased with the results. They are fairly quick to make, as you are not dealing with wires or individual petals, making the cutter great for beginners. I would like to add that I am not being paid to promote this product. I just liked the result that I achieved with the cutter and wanted to share it with you all. As usual, there’s a list of all the items I used to make the sugar peonies, at the bottom of the page.

My peonies were made from white Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste. In the video tutorial below, I coloured the paste two shades of pink using PME’s Hot Pink Food Colouring Paste. Using two shades can give the flower more of an authentic look.

How To Make A Sugar/Gumpaste Peony Video Tutorial

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So that’s how to make a sugar/gumpaste peony! I particularly love how you can make a range of sizes from small buds through to fully bloomed flowers. It all depends on the amount of petal layers that you decide to use. Just keep adding them until you are happy with your flower.

Four pink sugar peonies on a cake.

Different coloured peony cake decorations, can give a completely different look to your cakes, depending on your desired outcome.

White Gumpaste Peony

Pure white, for a classic look.

Peach gumpaste peony

Pastel colours for a softer look.

Pink sugar/gumpaste peony

Bright pink for a bold and modern look.

For added effect, you could also apply a touch of edible dust to the outer edges of the petals. I did this for the peonies that I made for my friend. You could even darken the middle some more if you wanted to.

Dusting a sugar peony with edible pink dust.

I hope you liked this tutorial showing you how to make a sugar peony. Want to learn how to make other sugar flowers? Then check out my sugar/gumpaste sunflower tutorial. Click the image below to take a look.

sugar sunflower

Items Used In This Sugar/Gumpaste Peony Tutorial

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Four pink sugar peonies on a cake.

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