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How To Make Butterfly Cake Decorations

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Last Updated on 30th May 2023 by Vicki

butterfly cake decorations
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Hi everyone, in today’s tutorial I thought I would show you how to make pretty butterfly cake decorations. These look great on both cake and cupcakes. I like that you can make a realistic butterfly or create your own fantasy ones. You can also tailor them to go with the colour scheme of your cake.

What I Used To Make My Butterfly Cake Decorations

I used Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste to make my butterflies. This is my go to paste when I need to make something that is quite thin. This is because as its flower paste too, it sets much harder and less likely to break. I also used a black modelling paste for the the centre of the butterfly. I decorated my butterflies with edible paints and dusts. As usual, there’s a list at the bottom of this post of all the items used in this tutorial.

To create the butterfly shape I used a butterfly plunger cutter. You can get these in various sizes. For the purpose of this tutorial, I used the largest one so you can see what I am doing easier.

How To Make Butterfly Cake Decorations Video Tutorial

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So that’s how I make my butterfly cake toppers! I really hope that you found the tutorial useful. When attaching them to a cake, I like to use royal icing. This ensures they will stick to the cake and not get your butterfly too wet. You want to keep your butterfly dry to prevent it from breaking.

Items used To Make My Butterfly Cake Decorations



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