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How To Make Daisy Chain Cupcakes For Mother’s Day

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Daisy Chain Pull Apart Cupcake Design
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Hi all, I am so excited to show you how to decorate these daisy chain pull apart cupcakes for Mother’s Day. Even though I made them for Mother’s Day, they would also make lovely Spring or Summer themed birthday cupcakes too. They have such a bright happy feel to them and will be sure to make any recipient smile! A friend of mine recently mentioned daisy chains to me and the idea instantly popped into my head! I couldn’t wait to give it a go. It’s turned out to be such a unique and pretty Mother’s Day cupcake design idea.

The video below shares how I make the pull apart daisy chain cupcakes. After, I talk you through the process, including all the items used.

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If you’ve read some of my tutorials before, you will already know that I love daisy cake decorations! For these pull apart cupcakes, I used the second daisy cutter from my daisy plunger set. The one that measures approximately 27mm. I share how to make sugar daisies in a previous post, you can visit the written tutorial via the link below.

How To Decorate To Look Like Daisy Chain Cupcakes

Preparing Your Cupcakes

Firstly, I covered my cupcakes in some pretty pastel green fondant. I made my green colour by kneading a small drop Colour Splash Food Colouring Gel in Pistachio into some white fondant.

To cover the cupcakes, I simply rolled out my green fondant and then cut out circles that were the same size of my cupcakes. I then spread a little buttercream onto the cupcakes (you could use jam instead) and placed the fondant circles on top. I smoothed the fondant with my cake smoother.

How To Make The Daisy Chain Toppers

To make the green modelling paste for the daisies stems, I simply coloured some of my white modelling paste green with PME Pea Green Food Colouring Paste. Note, for the following tutorial, I use a tiny amount of vodka to stick the daisies together, you could of course use edible glue.

Rolling some green fondant into a long tube with a cake smoother.

Roll out a small amount of green modelling paste into a tube. I find starting off with your hands first and then smoothing off with the cake smoother works best for this.

Tube of green fondant on top of a fondant cupcake.

You want the stem to be just a little longer than the width as your cupcake, as can be seen above. Once you have the correct length, leave the stem for a few minutes to strengthen up. This will help when it is placed on the cupcake.

Two small tubes of green modelling paste.

Cut two smaller pieces of stem about 2cm in length.

Fondant cupcake decorated with tubes of green icing.

Stick the longer stem so it flows through the middle of the cupcake. It needs to overlap slightly at one end and have a small gap at the other end where it doesn’t reach the end of the cupcake. This can be seen in the image above. TOP TIP! It looks more like a stem if it has a little bend in it. Next, place your two shorter pieces of stems as can be seen above.

Adding The Daisy Cake Toppers

Fondant daisy cupcake

Stick your first daisy on top of the green stem. It is important that it is only stuck to the stem so it stands above the cupcake. The daisy also needs to slightly overlap the edge of the cupcake too, as can be seen above.

2 daisies decorating a fondant cupcake.

Stick the second daisy on top of the stem as can be seen above.

The image below shows how the daisy is away from the surface of the cupcake. This is important so the cupcakes can slot together and look like a daisy chain.

side of a daisy cupcake

Now all you need to do is repeat this process with your other cupcakes. I had 9 cupcakes so needed 18 daisies.

Making The Daisy Chain

I arranged my daisy chain on a fondant covered 12 inch cake drum around the word ‘MUM’. The cupcakes should slot together with the overlapping stem slipping underneath the overlapped daisy. This is explained more in the image below.

daisy cupcakes
9 Daisy chain decorated cupcakes


If anyone is interested in how I made the MUM on the cake drum, I embossed the letters into the fondant using my PME Fun Fonts. Once the fondant was dry, I painted the letters with Sweet Sticks Metallic Coral.

Word MUM embossed into white fondant.

So that’s how I made my pull apart daisy cupcakes! I am really pleased with how they turned out. I think this really is a lovely Mother’s Day cupcake decorating idea. But they would also make cute and unique birthday cupcakes too.

I hope you liked reading this tutorial. If you make some, please tag me in any photos, @acakeonlife on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I would really love to see them. It would mean so much to know that my tutorials were inspiring makes!

Items Used In This Tutorial

Below is a list of items that I used to make my pull apart daisy chain cupcakes.

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Three daisy chain decorated cupcakes

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