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How To Make Sugar Eucalyptus Leaves

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Last Updated on 27th July 2023 by Vicki

semi naked wedding cake with sugar leaves and  sugar roses. Cupcakes with fondant roses.

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted, as I’ve been busy designing and making this wedding cake for my sister-in-law. A two tier semi naked cake, decorated with sugar eucalyptus leaves and sugar roses. It had been a long time since I had made wired leaves. In fact, I don’t actually think I’ve made them since my sugarcraft course, over 15 years ago! I thoroughly enjoyed the relearning process. On the cake above, I made sugar silver dollar eucalyptus and sugar willow eucalyptus. To be honest, I didn’t realise how many different types of eucalyptus there are, until I started researching it! I also made the baby blue eucalyptus, but decided not to add it to the cake in the end.

Any how, I thought I would record the process to share with you all. All my leaves were made using Sarancino Bouquet Flower Paste. This was my first time using this paste and I like how it doesn’t dry so hard that the leaves are easily broken. I did find it to be a sticky paste though, so you definitely need your cornflour at hand!

How To Make Sugar Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Leaves

I didn’t buy any special cutters for these leaves, I just used a heart cutter. I did use two, one slightly larger than the other. I did this just for a bit of variety and to make the end result look more realistic. The video tutorial below takes you through the whole process and also shows you how to attach the leaves to the cake in a food safe way.

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So that’s how I made my sugar silver dollar eucalyptus leaves. You can see in the photo below that I just inserted the flower pick into the cake until you can’t see it anymore. You can then adjust your leaves to suit.

sugar silver dollar eucalyptus and two sugar roses.

I really hope that you found the tutorial useful. You will fond a list below of all the items used in this tutorial. Keep your eyes peeled for my next tutorial, where I share how to make the sugar willow eucalyptus leaves!

Items used To Make My Sugar Eucalyptus Leaves

Below is a list of all the items that I used make my sugar eucalyptus leaves.



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Sugar silver dollar eucalyptus

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