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How To Pipe A Buttercream Rose Swirl

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Buttercream rose swirl decorated cupcake

Hi everyone, in this post I show you how to pipe a buttercream rose swirl. Also called a buttercream rosette, this piping technique is definitely one for beginners to master. After a little piping practice, you’ll be producing professional looking cupcakes in no time! You will find a list at the bottom of the post detailing all the items I use in this tutorial

Note: Since writing this post I have updated it and included how to pipe a buttercream hydrangea tutorial too.

Buttercream Rose Swirl Tutorial

In this buttercream piping tutorial, I’ve included step by step images of me piping a buttercream rose along with written instructions. I have included a video of the piping technique also, so hopefully there is enough here to get you practising!

Buttercream Rose Swirl Piping Technique Video Tutorial

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2D Piping Tip/Nozzle

I use a large 2D piping tip to pipe my buttercream rose swirls. It’s by far my favourite nozzle, as it produces great professional piping techniques very easily. If you are new to buttercream piping, I highly recommend getting a 2D piping tip. Below are photos of the tip, with links, if you would like to take a closer look.

In the video I finished my rose with two leaves. I used a 352 leaf tip to pipe them. You have to make sure you are holding the tip the correct way before piping, if in doubt it’s always best to check before you pipe. I usually pipe a leaf on a plate first to make sure I am holding the tip in the correct position. When you start to pipe, apply pressure and let your leaf build up. When you have the desired size, lightly release pressure while pulling away.

Buttercream Rose Swirl Written Tutorial

Holding the piping bag straight down, start in the centre and just above the cupcake. Apply pressure to the bag so you create a star shape with the buttercream in the middle of the cupcake. Lift the tip slightly and keeping an even pressure, move around the outside of the star. Keep that even pressure until you pipe all around the edge of the cupcake. When you reach the end slowly release the pressure and lift up breaking away from the cupcake.

I really hope that you found this buttercream rose tutorial beneficial. It really is a useful piping technique to learn. The rose itself makes a beautiful cupcake on it’s own, but I also use the technique as the base for most of my cupcake toppers as well. Below is an example of this.

How To Pipe Buttercream Hydrangeas

I’ve updated this post to show you how I pipe my hydrangea cupcakes. I’ve written this as they are also piped with a 2D piping tip and I wanted to show you how versatile the tip can be. It’s also another easy piping technique to master!

I like to make my buttercream hydrangeas two tone. For the cupcakes below, I used a purple and blue buttercream on one cupcake and two shades of pink on the other cupcake. To make these colours, I used PME Regal Purple and PME Ocean Blue food and PME Hot Pink colouring paste.

Buttercream hydrangea cupcake
Buttercream hydrangea cupcake
Purple buttercream around the edges of a piping bag

When filling my piping bags, I usually place them in a large cup and then fold the excess over. Use a spatula to add the purple buttercream all the way around the edge of the piping bag.

Blue and purple buttercream in a piping bag

Next, put the blue buttercream in the middle of the piping bag as can be seen above.

Now carefully lift up the sides of the piping bag and twist it at the top. Make sure there is no air in there. What I usually do now is pipe little hydrangeas onto a plate until I see the blue coming through. This is also a great chance to practice before piping on the cupcake!

2d buttercream piped star drops
You can see in the image above that the blue is just starting to come through in the middle of the star shape.

Now it’s time to pipe your hydrangeas!

Piping buttercream onto a cupcake

I start on the outer edge of the cupcake. Apply pressure to the bag so the buttercream starts to come out.

Piping buttercream onto a cupcake

Keep applying pressure until the flower is the size you want it to be.

Twist the bag slightly as you release pressure and pull away.

Piping buttercream onto a cupcake

Pipe the next hydrangea close to the first one.

Piping buttercream onto a cupcake

Keep piping all the way around the edge of the cupcake.

Piping buttercream onto a cupcake

Pipe in the middle of the cupcake.

Piping buttercream onto a cupcake

You can now fill in any areas where you can still see the cupcake. You can also pipe more hydrangeas on the top if you wanted to make the flowers appear fuller.

How To Pipe Buttercream Hydrangea Video Tutorial

I’ve updated this post with this video tutorial, using a different technique to add the buttercream to the piping bag.

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List Of Items Used In This Tutorial

Below is a list of items that I used to create my buttercream rosettes and hydrangeas. The list below contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you purchase products via these links, at no extra cost to you, but enables me to carry on creating this blog. Thanks for your support.

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Buttercream rose swirl decorated cupcake
# purple and blue buttercream hydrangea piped cupcakes

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