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Fun Kawaii Fruit Cupcake Topper Ideas

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Last Updated on 15th June 2023 by Vicki

kawaii apple and watermelon cupcake toppers pn cupcakes

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to share with you all these fun kawaii fruit cupcake topper ideas! I made this in collaboration with The Cake Decorating Company, showcasing Cake Dutchess modelling paste. They were super fun to create! I hope you like them as much as I do!

kawaii fruit cupcake toppers on cupcakes

Cake Dutchess is a fab firm modelling paste, that doesn’t dry out quickly. Therefore giving you more time to model. Being so firm, it can take a little bit of kneading at first to get to a working consistency. After that you can just model the hours away! It comes in a vast range of colours. If you would like to a closer look at the Cake Dutchess modelling paste and watch videos of me making the apple and watermelon, then click here.

New Kawaii Fruit Cupcake Topper Tutorials Coming Soon!

I had so much fun making these cute fruit topper, that I couldn’t stop there! Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming tutorials, where I share how to make a kawaii pear, cherry and avocado cupcake toppers. Sneak pics of them below.

kawaii cherry cupcake topper
kawaii pear cupcake topper
kawaii avocado cake toppers

That’s all for now! Click here to check out all my cake topper tutorials. If you would be kept posted of my next tutorial, then subscribe to my YouTube channel . You can also follow me on Pinterest or Facebook. Happy modelling!

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