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Cute Mini Christmas Cupcakes Idea!

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Mini cupcakes decorated with elf hats, Santa hats and buttercream Christmas trees

Hi all, what do you think of these cute mini Christmas cupcakes? I’ve never made mini cupcakes before and they were so much fun! By the time I was finished there was more topping than cake! 😂 Regardless of this however, they were easy to make and would look perfect at any Christmas celebration. You may also be interested in some of my other Christmas cupcake ideas Christmas Wreath Cupcake Toppers or my Penguin Cupcake Toppers.

Mini Christmas Tree Cupcake Tutorial

The Christmas trees were made out of green buttercream and piped with a 2D piping nozzle. The images below show how I piped the Christmas trees.

Start on the outside edge of the cupcake. Apply a small amount of pressure to the bag.

Pipe the buttercream around the edge of the cupcake.

Keep piping round until you reach the beginning. Now move inwards and begin piping on the first layer.

Continue in a circular motion.

Finish piping when you get to the middle of the cupcake.

Release the pressure and gently pull away.

Once the trees were piped I then decorated them with cake sprinkles. The sprinkles I used were Dr Oetker’s Glamour and Sparkle Sprinkle Mix. Finally, I placed a star on top. The star was made out of grey modelling paste and cut using my mini star plunger cutter. Lastly, I sprayed the stars with Cake Decor silver glitter spray. I left the stars for a while to dry out, so they wouldn’t bend when I placed them on top of the tree.

Fondant silver stars

For the Santa hat and elf hat cupcakes I used coloured fondant. I normally use modelling paste for my cupcake toppers, but that wasn’t really necessary here. Of course, you could use modelling paste if you wanted to. To keep the cupcakes moist and to help stick the toppers on, I recommend spreading a small amount of buttercream or jam on top of the cupcake before decorating.

Mini Santa Hat Cupcake Tutorial

Take about 15g of red fondant and form it into a cone.

Place the cone on top of your cupcake.

Next, roll out some white fondant into a sausage shape. Using a cake smoother to do this will help you get an even shape.

Place the white fondant around the hat and trim to fit. If needed, you could use a little vodka or edible glue to help it stick. Curve the top over to one side slightly.

Flatten the top of the hat with your finger.

mini Christmas cupcakes

Place a tiny ball of white fondant on top of the hat. Don’t make it too big as it could put too much pressure on the hat. Again, you can use a little glue or edible vodka to help it stick.

mini Christmas cupcakes

Mini Elf Hat Cupcake Tutorial

For the elf ears I coloured some of my white fondant with Sugarflair’s Skintone Food Colouring Paste.

Start off the Elf’s hat in the same way as the Santa’s hat. Form 15g of green fondant into a cone shape. This time use your fingers to make it slightly wider at the bottom and more pointed at the top. Place it on your cupcake.

Next, roll some red fondant into a sausage shape, just like when making the Santa hat. This time, flatten the tube slightly. A rolling pin is a good tool to do this with.

Stick the red fondant around the base of the hat. Place a gold cake sprinkle on top. Again, if needed, you could use edible glue or vodka to help them both stick.

For the ears, roll two tiny pieces of skin coloured fondant into balls. This helps to ensure they are the same size. Next, form them into flat tear shapes and stick them on either side of the hat.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how to make these cute mini Christmas cupcakes. Don’t forget to check out my other Christmas themed tutorials. Click here to take a look!

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Mini cupcakes decorated with elf hats, Santa hats and buttercream Christmas trees

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