Autumn Themed Cake Toppers

Autumn Themed Pull Apart Cupcake Wreath

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Last Updated on 13th August 2021 by Vicki

Fondant leaves and flowers decorated cupcake.

Hi everyone, as it officially turned autumn last week I made this autumn themed cupcake wreath to celebrate. I just love the beautiful colours of the season. Here’s a little insight into how I made it.

The Decorations

I took this project slowly making the decorations throughout the week. This allowed time for them to dry, so I could colour them and add shading too. I made a combination of different leaves, pinecones, acorns, conkers, berries and flowers. I especially liked making the leaves as it gave me a chance to use my airbrush! Below I show you how I made the leaves. If you would like to see how I make my acorn and pinecones then click here.

How To Make The Leaves

The leaves were made out of SmartFlex Flower Paste. I rolled out the paste very thinly and then used various leaf cutters to cut them out. Some of my cutters already had leaf veins on them, which embossed the veins onto the leaves and others I had to vein myself. It’s important to roll out the flower paste very thinly as this allows you to ruffle the edges, making it look more like a real leaf.

With the leaf placed on a foam pad I used a ball tool to gently thin out the leaf further.

I then used a flower and leaf shaper tool to emboss the veins onto the leaf.

Using my bone tool, I gently thinned the edge of the leaf to make the ruffled effect. This makes it look like a real leaf. The video below shows how I ruffled the edges of one of the leaves.

I then left the leaves to dry overnight. The following day I airbrushed them a combination of orange, red and yellow. When the airbrush colour had dried, I dusted the edges of some of the leaves with brown dust. I only did some of them, as I wanted a variation of colour on the wreath.

‘Hello Autumn’

The words ‘Hello Autumn’ were made using my PME Fun Fonts embossers. I have talked about these fonts in another post which you can see here. I rolled out a piece of white fondant and then embossed the words. After this, I cut around the words so I had a circle shape. Once the fondant was dry, I painted the words orange. I made the orange paint by mixing Sugarflair tangerine dust with some Sugarflair rejuvenator spirit. I built the colour up in stages, letting the paint dry before applying the next layer.

Putting The Autumn Themed Cupcake Wreath Together

Once all the decorations were made I covered a 12 inch round cake drum with fondant and placed the words ”Hello Autumn” in the middle. I baked my cupcakes using orange cupcake wrappers. Once the cupcakes were cooled I topped them with a circular disc of brown fondant, using a little jam to help it stick. I then used a little royal icing to stick them onto the cake board arranging them around the ‘Hello Autumn’. The cupcakes overlapped the edge of the board slightly to give it more of a wreath like look. I used 11 cupcakes. Firstly, I gently arranged the cupcake decorations on top of the cupcakes. Once I was happy with the design, I secured them with either a little vodka or royal icing.

Pull Apart Autumn Themed Cupcake Wreath

This autumn themed cupcake wreath was really fun to make and I was so happy with how it all came together. I am always very critical over my makes, but this is definitely one of my favourites.

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