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Pizza Cake Decorating Activity

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Last Updated on 10th August 2021 by Vicki

Pizza cakes

This pizza cake decorating activity for children is both simple and fun. My girls loved making their dad’s favourite pizza out of cake for Father’s Day. I am always trying to think of activities that the girls can do all by themselves, so they can have their own independence and this activity is just that! Plus, depending on toppings, you can have a variety of different outcomes.

Pizza Base

For the base I baked a small but deep 5 inch round cake and I simply cut the cake in half so the girls could make a pizza cake each. Obviously, you can make any size cake that you like.

Pizza Sauce

The girls began their pizza cake decorating activity with the sauce. We used red buttercream for the pizza sauce, but you could also use red ready to roll icing or even red jam. It can be difficult to get a deep red buttercream, as you need to add a lot of red gel paste. As we only needed a small amount of buttercream we decided to go with that. It gave more of an authentic feel to making real pizza when you spread on the sauce! It’s worth noting that the colour of your buttercream will deepen after a while, so it’s a good idea to colour your buttercream ahead of the activity.

Decorating a cake with red buttercream.

Decorating a cake with red buttercream.

Cheese Topping

To make the cheese we simply rolled small bits of yellow ready to roll icing. This is a great activity for children to work on their fine motor skills!

pizza decorating activity for children

Pizza decorating activity for children


The meatballs were obviously malteasers!

Pizza Cake Activity For Children

So that’s it! A simple pizza cake activity for children. I hope your children enjoy making their own pizza cake creations! I would love to see photos! It would be great to see what you use to be the toppings 😊.

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