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How To Make Superhero Cupcakes For Father’s Day Or Dad’s Birthday

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Three superhero themed cupcakes

Hello everyone, today I’m going to show you how to make these superhero cupcakes. I had this superhero cupcake idea as my husband loves all the superhero films, so we made them for Father’s Day. They are easy to decorate and would also make great birthday cupcakes for dads or any superhero fan! I’ve included step by step tutorials for each cupcake, including templates which you can download and print. The template is at the bottom of the page. These cupcakes are all decorated using Dr Oetker coloured fondant icing and their white fondant icing. Fondant is also known as sugarpaste. There’s a list of the items used in this tutorial at the bottom of the page. Before I carry on, I just want to mention that you may be interested in my Rosette Cake Topper Tutorial, which can also be adapted for Father’s Day or birthdays.

Superhero Cupcakes Tutorial

Cupcake 1

A cupcake lightly covered with buttercream

Place a small amount of buttercream or jam onto the surface of the cupcake.

A circle of blue sugarpaste

Roll out your blue sugarpaste and cut out a circle that is the same size as the top of your cupcake.

A cupcake topped with blue sugarpaste.

Place the circle on your cupcake and smooth to secure.

Red sugarpaste with a template

Roll out your red sugarpaste and place template A on top. It should stick, so it shouldn’t move about.

Cutting out a template from red sugarpaste.

Carefully cut around your template.

Decorating a cupcake

Using a little glue, place your shape on top of the cupcake. Neaten the edges with the blade tool or the back of a dinner knife.

A superhero shape cut out of yellow sugarpaste.

Roll out some yellow sugarpaste. Use template B to cut out your second shape.

Decorating a superhero cupcake

Using a little glue, carefully place your shape on your cupcake. Again, you can neaten the edges if necessary.

To make the D, roll out a small amount of red sugarpaste and cut out a circle with the larger end of the piping nozzle.

Cutting a circle of red sugarpaste to make a D shape

Cut off a piece of the circle to form a D shape.

Using the blunt end of the skewer create an oval hole in the middle of your D shape.

Using a wooden skewer to model sugarpaste.

Now use the pointed end of the skewer to remove any excess sugarpaste.

Superhero cupcake being decorated

Place the D in the middle of your cupcake, using a little glue to secure.

Superhero cupcake being decorated

Roll a tiny amount of yellow sugarpaste into an oval shape and glue in the middle of your D. Secure with your finger.

Superhero cupcake being decorated

Use the blade tool, or the back of a dinner knife to shape the D.

For the other two superhero designs you need to cover the cupcakes first with red fondant. To do this, simply repeat the first two steps in the cupcake 1 tutorial, but use red fondant instead of blue. Read on for the next tutorial.

Cupcake 2

Superhero cupcake being decorated

Roll and cut out a white, red and blue circles, each a little bit smaller that the other. Cut out a white star that is smaller than your blue circle.

Superhero cupcake

Using a little glue, stack the circles on top of each other, as in the image above. Finally, stick your star in the middle of your blue circle.

Cupcake 3

Cover your cupcake with red sugarpaste the same way as you have in the tutorials above. Next, cut out a white sugarpaste circle and stick on top of your cupcake in the middle.

Rolled out yellow sugarpaste with a template on top

Roll out some yellow sugarpaste and place template C on the top.

Cutting out a template from yellow sugarpaste

Carefully cut around your template.

Superhero Cupcake

Using a little glue, gently place your shape on the cupcake as in the image above. Shape and neaten the edges with a blade tool or the back of a dinner knife.

Superhero Cupcakes

So that’s how to decorate superhero cupcakes! Perfect cupcakes for Father’s Day or dad’s birthday.

I hope you liked reading this tutorial. If you make some, please tag me in any photos, @acakeonlife on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I would really love to see them. It would mean so much to know that my tutorials were inspiring makes!

Items Used In This Tutorial

Below is a list of items that I used to make these superhero themed cupcakes.


  • Red, blue, yellow and white fondant. For this tutorial, I used Dr Oetker fondant. This or an equivalent can be found in most supermarkets.
  • Edible glue or vodka Many people use glue, but I mostly use vodka, unless I am working with my girls. It evaporates, so as long as you’re careful, it doesn’t leave any marks, which glue can do. Just a tiny amount of either is needed. I find it best to wipe the excess off your brush, using a kitchen towel, before applying it your model or cake.
  • Small amount of buttercream or jam to help the fondant stick to your cupcake.


  • A variety of circle cutters. One cutter needs to be the same size as your cupcake. If you don’t have one the same size, maybe you have a glass or cup a similar size that you could cut around.
  • Piping nozzle or a small circle cutter about 1.5cm wide.
  • Small star cutter.
  • Knife. I use a craft knife from PME :
  • Shell and blade tool : back of a dinner knife could be a good substitute.)
  • Wooden skewer.
  • Food graded brush :
  • Non-stick rolling pin : come in many sizes, it depends on how much fondant you wish to roll out.)
  • Non stick mat.
  • Templates- Click here to download

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Three superhero themed cupcakes

So that’s all from me! Until next time, happy caking!

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