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Unicorn Drip Cake Idea

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Last Updated on 1st February 2023 by Vicki

unicorn drip cake

Hi all! The sun is shining here and I’m clinging onto the last few days of summer. After 6 months my girls have officially gone back to school full time and the house seems so strangely quiet. Therefore I am sitting here in the silence reflecting on this unicorn drip cake that I made at the beginning of August. This cake was actually made for a competition. The magazine Cake Masters held a cake competition, in association with Cake Décor. I was one of the really lucky 20 people to have their design shortlisted. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but there were so many amazing cake makers involved, I felt honoured just to have made the shortlist.

Making The Cool Unicorn Drip Cake

Despite the fact that it was the hottest few days of the year when I made this cake, I still really enjoyed making it. I was really excited to try out some new equipment and tools too. I began with modelling the unicorn.

Please Meet Sunny!

unicorn drip cake

So my youngest named the unicorn Sunny, and it really seems to suit him. Sunny is one cool guy, who likes nothing more than chilling in a pool of sprinkles while sipping a pina colada!

The Cake

The cake consisted of three 7 inch round cakes stacked on top of each other, covered in white buttercream. To make the buttercream I used Wilton’s recipe as it results in a much whiter buttercream to begin with. I write about this recipe in a previous post which you can get to here. To make it even whiter I added a whitener from Rainbow Dust. I just added half a teaspoon at a time until I reached my desired colour.

Smoothing The Buttercream

Another item that I was really eager to try was the Queen of Hearts Cake Cloths. These cloths help you to get a smooth finish on your buttercream. After giving my buttercream time to crust over I gently used a cloth with my cake smoother and I have to say that I was quite happy with the outcome. If you would like to take a closer look and watch a video of them being used click here.

PME Fun Fonts

The words “summer vibes” were embossed into the sugarpaste using my PME fun fonts. I’ve had these fonts for a while but haven’t had a chance to use them. I practiced before hand and I would say you need to be careful not to press the letters in too hard. If the letters are embossed too much it makes it less easy to paint the letters neatly afterwards. I painted mine with silver sparkle lustre dust mixed with rejuvinator spirit. It needed three coats and I had to wait for each layer to dry. All in all I loved using these fonts and can’t wait to use them again. They have arrows and lines marked on them to help you get the letters the correct way up and in line with each other. If you would like to take a closer look at these fonts you can here.

The Seashells

Most of the seashells were made using a silicon shell mould while a few were hand modelled. I have had this mould for years and it still serves me well! I used Renshaw’s flower and modelling paste to make them and once they were dry I dusted them with Sugarflair’s Pearl White lustre dust. This dust has always been one of my favourites!

Overall, I was pleased with how the cake turned out. If I were to change anything it would be the colour of the pink drip. I coloured white chocolate ganache pink but as it is yellow to begin with it went a salmon colour. So in hindsight I wished I had bought some ready made light pink drip. We live and learn!

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