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Valentine’s Day Themed Cupcakes Idea

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Valentine's themed cupcakes
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Hi everyone, today’s post shares how I decorated these cute Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes. I hope you like them. I’m especially fond of my little love bug ladybird cake topper!

Ladybird Cupcake Topper On A Cupcake

How I Made My Valentine’s Themed Cupcakes

The day before I created my cupcake toppers I cut out four circles from white modelling paste. I used white modelling paste as it sets much harder than normal fondant. I needed this for two reasons. One was so the base would be strong enough to take the weight of the ladybird. The other reason is that the little dashed lines were drawn on with an edible pen. It’s much easier to draw on set modelling paste without damaging the surface.

How To Make A Ladybird Cake Topper

So my little ladybird is manly made out of black and red modelling paste. I actually didn’t have any red modelling paste at hand, so I made some from red ready to roll icing. I turned it into modelling paste by kneading a tiny amount of CMC Power into it. CMC Powder is really useful (and economical!) if you only need small amounts of modelling paste. I used a little bit of white modelling paste for the eyes and black sugar pearls for the pupils. If you don’t have black sugar pearls then you could just use small balls of black modelling paste instead.

Ladybird Cake Topper Video Tutorial

Below is a video showing how to make my ladybird cupcake topper.

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So that’s how I made my little ladybird cupcake topper. Read on to see how I created the other cupcake toppers.

Love Bug Cupcake Topper

Love bug written on a cupcake topper

I created the Love Bug letters using FMM’s Alphabet Upper Case Tappit Set. The trick to using these is that you must use modelling paste. It must be rolled out to about 1mm thick. I then find it best to leave for a few minutes to dry. This helps to prevent the paste sticking in the tappit. Press the tappit onto the paste and move it on the surface to ensure a nice clean cut and then gently tap the letter out.

Small Hearts

Love Bug cupcake topper with fondant hearts and cutters

The small hearts were made with the same red ready to roll icing that I used for the ladybird. I cut them out using my heart plunger cutters. I love these! You can cut out little hearts and then just press the plunger for them to fall out without damaging the shape.

Big Heart And The Black Dashed Lines

So the bigger heart was cut out using one of FMM’s Heart Cutter Set. I created the dashed lines with an edible black pen. To ensure that I created a good enough heart shape, I previously cut out a heart from fondant and let it dry slightly, so I could use it to draw around. Once the black lines were dry, I went over them again to make them darker.

Two heart decorated cupcake toppers.

A good tip is to match the white circles together before you draw on the dashed lines. This will ensure that your lines with match up with each other.

I placed the toppers on top of a simple buttercream rose swirl. If you would like to learn how to pipe these then I have a tutorial for this too. Click here to visit the post.

So that’s how I made these cute Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes! I really hope you found the tutorial useful. You will find a list of all the items that I used in this tutorial at the bottom of the page. If you would like to take a look at my other Valentine’s Day themed tutorials, then click here!

Items Used To Make My Valentine’s Themed Cupcakes

Below is a list of items that I used to make my Valentine’s Day cupcakes. Also included are affiliate links, where I earn a small commission if you purchase via them. This comes at no extra cost to you, but allows me to keep writing this blog. I only list items that I use myself and often can’t live without! Thanks so much for your support.



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