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Valentine Themed Cupcakes

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Heart and penguin decorated cupcakes
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Hi all, just wanted to show you these Valentine themed cupcakes that I made for my husband. You may recognise the penguin from my penguin cake toppers that I made at Christmas. This post shows how I made my Valentine penguin and heart cupcake toppers. I have also included a video of me making the penguin.

Valentine Penguin Cupcake Topper

Here’s a step by step guide showing how I made this cute penguin cupcake topper. The modelling paste I used to make him was Carlos Lischetti HD Sugar Modelling paste in black and Renshaw Flower and Modelling paste in white. I always use a little vodka to stick my models together, but you could always use an edible glue.

Body and Eyes

black fondant

Firstly, I formed 30g of black modelling paste into a cone shape. Then I lightly flattened the top with my fingers. This made the penguin’s body.

white circle of fondant

Next, I cut out a small circle of white modelling paste.

fondant penguin

I stuck the white circle on the penguin’s body and moulded it into a square shape with rounded corners. I used my blade tool to do this.

fondant penguin

Next, I used the small end of a bone modelling tool to make sockets for the eyes.

Using a tiny amount of vodka, I placed a small ball of white modelling paste in each eye socket and flattened them slightly with the bone modelling tool.

I then repeated this process with two smaller balls of black modelling paste.

Lastly, I repeated it once more with two tiny balls of white modelling paste, as can be seen above.

Heart and Wings

fondant penguin with red heart

I cut out a heart from red modelling paste and then stuck it on the middle of the penguin’s body

fondant penguin

To make the wings, I firstly rolled two pieces of black modelling paste into balls. I made sure they were the same size. Next, I rolled each ball into a tube, making it smaller at one end. Lastly, I flattened each tube to form the wing shape as can be seen above.

fondant penguin

I then stuck the wings on either side of the body with a little vodka. The narrow end of the wings reach forward towards the heart.

Beak and Feet

To make the beak and feet, I firstly coloured some of my white modelling paste orange with food colouring gel.

fondant penguin

I shaped a small piece of orange modelling paste into a triangle shape and placed it on the face as can be seen above.

fondant penguin

To make the feet, I took two pieces of orange modelling paste and rolled them into balls, making sure they were the same size.

fondant penguin

Next, I formed the balls into flat triangles. I stuck them under the penguin’s body as can be seen in the image below.

fondant penguin cupcake topper

So that’s how I made my Valentine penguin! I hope you like him. Scroll down for a video of me making him.

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Heart Cupcake Toppers

To make the heart cupcake toppers, I firstly added a small amount of CMC powder to some white fondant. CMC helps to firm up the sugarpaste, making it easier to work with. It helps the fondant to hold its shape when placed on top of the cupcake. Once the CMC powder was fully mixed in, I rolled it out and cut out some circles. I then left them to dry for a few hours. Next, I rolled out some red fondant paste and cut out four hearts.

fondant heart cupcake topper

Using my heart cutter, I cut out a small piece from two of my heart shapes.

fondant heart

You can see in the image above one of the hearts with a piece cut out.

fondant heart

I then arranged the two hearts as can be seen above and then stuck them on one of the white circles I had made the day earlier.

heart decorated cupcake

So that’s how I made these Valentine themed cupcakes. Topped with a swirl of yummy chocolate buttercream, they really went down well. If you’re looking for more Valentine cupcake inspiration you may also like my Love Heart Cupcakes or my Cookie Heart Cupcakes.

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Valentine cupcakes, with fondant penguin and hearts

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