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Witch’s Hat Cupcake Topper Tutorial For Halloween

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3 fondant witch hat decorated cupcakes

Hi everyone, here’s an easy witch’s hat cupcake topper tutorial for Halloween. The hat in the tutorial below is from my Hocus Pocus themed cupcakes. If you wanted to take a look at the Hocus Pocus cupcakes click here.

Witch’s Hat Cake Topper Tutorial

For this tutorial I use vodka to stick the topper together. You can also use edible glue, I just find vodka easier and cleaner to use.

Circle of black fondant

Roll out a piece of black modelling paste and cut out a circle shape. Leave to harden for a few hours. I usually leave mine overnight.

Cone shaped black modelling paste

Take a piece of black modelling paste and form it into a cone shape, as can be seen above.

Circle of black moddeling paste with an orange rim.

Roll out a piece of orange modelling paste into a thin tube. Lightly brush some vodka all around the outside of the circle and then wrap the orange tube around it. Trim to fit and smooth the join with your fingers.

With hat made from modelling paste

Stick the cone in the middle of the circle using a little vodka.

Adding a black ribbon around the hat

Roll out a piece of black modelling paste and cut out a strip. Lightly brush it with a little vodka and wrap it around the base of the hat.

Witch hat cupcake topper

Cross the ends of the strip over at the back of the hat and trim to fit. TOP TIP! If you have a join mark on the orange rim then use the tail of the black ribbon to cover it up.

Finishing Touch

Lastly, roll different colour pieces of fondant into tiny balls and stick to the black ribbon using a little vodka.

witch hat cupcake

Below is a video of me making one of my witch’s hat cupcake toppers.

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I hope you enjoyed this witch’s hat cupcake topper tutorial. Below are affilate links to some of the items that I used to make them.

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3 fondant witch hat decorated cupcakes

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